March 15, 2007

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"Sandy and Dr. Sun Yat-sen" Special Documentary in Chinese and English  
Awarded 1st Prize for the 2006 Final Radio Report Contest in Nanjing China. Co-Produced and hosted by California-based TravelTalkRADIO

San Diego, CA – March 14, 2007  - The Voice of Jinling (VOJ) Radio headquartered in Nanjing China, announced today the radio program called Sandy and Dr. Sun Yat-sen was awarded First Prize at the 2006 Final Jiangsu Radio Report Contest. During the award winning program, Sandy Dhuyvetter, Executive Producer and Host of TravelTalkRADIO paid tribute to the late Dr. Sun Yat-sen and his contribution to human rights and the development of his three principles or nationalism, democracy and equalization. Dr. Sun Yat-sen also known as the George Washington on China, was educated in Honolulu and spent years in the United States including California, Illinois, New York and Washington DC. Huang Xuxi, the Supervisor of the Voice of Jinling, commented that Sandy’s “genius” speaking and her “most beautiful voice” were the contributing factor to attaining this year’s award. Sandy worked with Ruoyi Liu, the chief editor of the Voice of Jinling Radio on the development and the production of the story. “I am very honored to be apart of this wonderful award, my dear friends and colleagues from Voice of Jinling Radio were my inspiration. The more I learned about Dr. Sun Yat-sen and his relationship with the United States, the more I wanted to do this story. Sun Yat-sen was a man ahead of his time and he was able to create a friendship and a link between the States and China many years ago. I hope to continue to build on that friendship and let our audiences know that China and United States have shared many years of friendship and as my colleagues at Jiangsu Radio believe, We too believe, we need to continue to educate our listeners and continue our goodwill towards each other's countries. Travel is the common denominator and the time is now to cross each other's borders and experience each others wonderful culture.”

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About Jiangsu Radio
The Voice of Jinling Radio (VOJ) is the only overseas radio of the Jiangsu Province, which was established on Nov. 12, 1986, Dr.Sun Yat-sens 120th Birthday. Cooperating with the LIDI Voice Radio (Singapore), the Australian Radio (Australian), the Los Angeles Radio (USA) and the CRI, the VOJ is known as its overseas programs Travel in Jiangsu (LA radio), Round the World (Singapore) and Window on China (CRI). In May 2004, VOJ set up the Jiangsu Travel Radio. Adopted advanced techniques, now VOJ has its radio listeners from USA, Canada, Singapore, Japan, Indonesia, Australian, Sweden, Finland and Germany, etc.



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