December 14, 2006

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Sandy Dhuyvetter, CEO and Executive Producer of TravelTalkMEDIA appointed by
DHS AND STATE Department to newly formed

San Diego, CA – Dec 12, 2006 CelestiaLINK, LLC parent company of TravelTalkMEDIA, announced today the appointment of Ms. Sandy Dhuyvetter, executive producer of TravelTalkRADIO and TravelTalkTV broadcasting to the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and US Department of State (DOS) Secure Borders and Open Doors Advisory Committee (SBODAC). The SBODAC is a subcommittee of the Homeland Security Advisory Council.

In January of 2006 Michael Chertoff and Condoleezza Rice created the Chertoff-Rice Joint Vision: Secure Borders and Open Doors in the Information Age. At that time nominations were taken to create an advisory committee that would make recommendations to the various departments involved in every aspect of securely crossing borders into the United States. With final nominations and security checks completed, the SBODAC held its inaugural meeting, Wednesday, Dec. 6, in Washington, DC.  

The SBODAC includes experts from the tourism industry, health care, academia, and the private sector, and will provide advice and recommendations to DHS and DOS on efforts to maintain security while increasing the welcoming nature of those who visit our country. 

Tara Riordan, Department of Homeland Security Business Liaison Assistant Director said of the appointment, “It was very apparent even in our first meeting (when reviewing the nominations) that Sandy offers a different perspective from the others on the board and when we talk about getting diversity and all that sort of emphasis…I can really tell her contribution is going to be great in all sorts of ways and we are very happy Sandy will be serving on this committee”.

After going through an extensive screening process and almost 9 months of interviews and evaluations, Ms. Dhuyvetter was contacted by DHS with their final appointment letter this past month. Sandy commented, “I am very honored to be part of such an important effort as it is a priority for all sectors private and public to insure a warm welcome to visitors while still protecting all citizens. We will work on many issues including changing the perception of our nation being a fortress that does not care to welcome foreign visitors. There is no better way to build relationship with people or nations than by creating a friendly and kind environment for visitors who have spent their valued time and money to come to the US.  I am also confident that our audiences of industry experts and savvy travelers will come forward to give us their opinions and tell us what has or has not worked for them.  There is a fine line between security and a warm welcome and we must find it.”

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