June 16, 2007

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Award-Winning TravelTalkRADIO’s Sandy Dhuyvetter to 
Produce and Host TravelTalk TV
series for global distribution.

TravelTalkTV Trailer -  Approximately 2 minutes
of what you can expect on TravelTalkTV!

Los Angeles CA., Jun 16, 2007- From the NBC4 Travel Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center. –CelestiaLINK LLC announced today the company will produce and distribute over 100 TV programs during the next 5 years. TravelTalkTV will be hosted and produced by worldwide travel authority, Sandy Dhuyvetter. Since 2001, Sandy has hosted TravelTalkRADIO where she has connected millions of her listeners to the experts in travel and tourism.

The programming will be available through conventional TV on Travel and Lifestyle stations and delivered through cable and satellite delivery systems and Online. Sandy Dhuyvetter, TravelTalkTV’s host said, “I am delighted to launch TravelTalkTV this year and we feel confident our new high energy TV programming coupled with mass distribution efforts will create an additional venue for education, entertainment and easy access to every aspect of the travel industry. We are creating a series of engaging, fun and informative programming that will take our viewers on journeys all over the world.”

About Sandy Dhuyvetter:

Sandy founded CelestiaLINK in 1998 after spending 18 years in multimedia, technology and transaction processing, in 2001, Sandy developed the TravelTalkMEDIA brands of TravelTalkRADIO, TravelTalkNEWS and TravelTalkTV. In recognition of her knowledge and character, Sandy was recently appointed to the Secure Borders Open Doors Advisory Committee that was jointly created by the US State Department and the Department of Homeland Security. Sandy has been recently invited to join the board of directors for one of the largest hospitality schools in the world in their Media and Entertainment department. CHN Universities main campus is in Leeuwarden, Holland with additional campuses in South Africa, Bangkok, Germany and Qatar. There she will serve as a professor of Media and Entertainment. Sandy was awarded the 2006 Media award from Tanzania Tourism Board. In March of 2007, The Voice of Jinling (VOJ) Radio headquartered in Nanjing China announced that Travel Talk RADIO received a 1st prize award for the production of a special programming series entitled Sandy and Dr. Sun Yat-sen. In May, 2007, Sandy moderated the media panel during the Annual Conference of the International Institute for Peace through Tourism in Kampala, Uganda. In June of 2007 Sandy will return to Jordan to join her colleagues from Egypt, Israel, Jordan and Palestine at the Tourism4Peace Summit.

About CelestiaLINK LLC:

CelestiaLINK LLC is the parent company of TravelTalkRADIO/TV/WEB which produces and distributes informative travel news segments, entertaining interviews, and promotional segments that are broadcast via conventional radio and TV in the United States, China, Africa and the UK and also distributed and heard worldwide over the Internet. Satellite distribution includes coverage in the Western Hemisphere, South America and the Asia-Pacific Rim. The companies also produce live remote radio broadcasts, travel news segments for TV, B-roll and digital still photography, destination and event promotions, press releases and newsletters, all with worldwide distribution availability. For further information, please contact

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