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April 08, 2012
This Sunday,
Sandy's guests are:
Joan Keddell, Silver Lining
Tesas Chikaponya, Zimbabwe
Petra Hensley,
ojka Foundation

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Travel to Palestine! Five minute video produced by Sandy Dhuyvetter

Holy Land Incoming
Tour Operator Assn.

Sandy Dhuyvetter Producing  
Award Winning Radio -

Tanzania Tourism Board
   Media Award 2006,

First Prize 2007
  The voice of Jinling (VOJ)  
  Radio headquartered in 
  Nanjing China
2009 Award for New  
  Orleans Broadcast
  the North American Travel 
  Journalist Assn for work
  in New Orleans.

Sandy produces 5 minute video on Egypt

HERE to buy book

Morocco 2011 five minute video produced by Sandy Dhuyvetter

Former US Ambassador to Morocco, Thomas Riley, to Morocco reviewed the video and wrote:

Hi Sandy, Just watched your video.  You did a fabulous job.  This is one of the best short films I have ever seen that really captures Morocco! 

Thank you Mr. Ambassador!


The Region Initiative (TRI) announces collaboration with Sandy Dhuyvetter and TravelTalkMEDIA Click HERE

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Take a Vacation and Live Longer by RealAge

Check out Int'l Womens Fair photos from the event in April 2011 and make plans to get involved with next year's  International Women's Fair beginning June 2012.


1978 Sandy and the
final creation of Bobafett

Los Angeles at its
very best.

Manhattan Beach, California

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Welcome to the TravelTalkMEDIA Newsletter -
A warm welcome to you all and thank you for joining us. We know you are busy and we know there is no shortage of news, education and content about travel. We continue as we have over the past 11 years to bring you timely and important information that makes all of our lives healthier, happier and more fulfilling. Thank you for your support and especially thank you for supporting our loyal sponsors who make it possible for us to be here.

Human Trafficking Awareness Training
were in Washington DC this past week to bring the Airline Ambassadors International (AAI) human trafficking awareness training to the Ronald Regan National Airport. I have had the honor to serve on the board of directors of the Airline Ambassadors International and found myself gravitating to this very deserving cause of bringing awareness to this horrific crime of human trafficking. The AAI has aligned with DHS, ICE and other agencies who are fighting human trafficking. The awareness training program is first of its kind to be offered to airports, hotels and other private and public organizations.

Another organization who has stepped up to the plate to commit its resources to awareness education and training of human trafficking is long time San Francisco institution, International Tour Management Institute. . AAI and International Tour Management Institute will now be working together to offer a curriculum that is rich in content and easy to navigate. 

AAI at Ronald Regan International
Washington, DC -  March 29, 2012

REMINDER: Human Trafficking TIP LINE:
tip line DHS 866 347 2423
Call 802-872-6199 (from other locations around the globe) or go to: http://www.ice.gov/tips

- Latest news from Cruise Line Safety Act -
implemented after bill was signed two years by President Obama?

Do you remember the safety and security act that we all worked so hard to have passed through the legislature? It passed in Senate and House in 2009,

President Obama signed the bill and it has yet to be implemented. Why? Is there a cover up? We are happy to support the NBC investigative unit out of San Jose.

PHOTO COURTESY: Heather Murtagh,
San Mateo Daily Journal Reporter

Working in partnership with Congresswoman Jackie Speierís office in the San Francisco Bay Area, Airline Ambassadors International trained San Francisco Airport (SFO) personnel in a standing room only venue at the SFO Museum in the International Terminal on March 12, 2012.

Quote from Congresswoman Jackie Speierís office;
Ē Nancy, Sandy, Deborah and Petra, A HUGE thank you for your hard work leading up to and carrying out the training earlier this week- what a success! From day one, you have been such positive and wonderful partners in this effort, the Congresswoman could not have been more pleased with the event.Ē 

AAI Trainers; (L to R) Nancy Rivard, Founder, Airline Ambassadors Int'l. Sandy Dhuyvetter, AAI Board Member, Executive Producer and Host of TravelTalkRADIO and BusinessTravelRADIO and Deborah Quigley, AAI member and airline industry expert. Petra Hensley, Trafficking Survivor and president of the Sojka Foundation.

Want more information on training? Email: angels@airlineamb.org
or call 866 angel 86.

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They are the investigative unit for NBC. This group is hot on the trail of unraveling the mystery of why in 2012, we have still not seen any of the security and safety procedures put into action. You can be sure we will be on this with our good friends at the International Cruise Victims Assn. Below we have highlighted some of the most popular radio interviews on TravelTalkRADIO and BusinessTravelRADIO. Enjoy now or download for your listening pleasure later.

Happy Travels and thanks for joining us,

Sandy Dhuyvetter, Executive Producer and Host

Welcome to the 3 minute Breaking Travel News -  brought to you by Breezes all inclusive resorts,  and Travel Forever with 63 resorts in the US and in National Parks

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Additions to our programming on TravelTalkRADIO and BusinessTravelRADIO

We welcome the Center for Disease Control, who is now a regular contributor to our programming and we are excited to bring the CDC to the front and center to talk about their concerns and findings that are relevant to travelers and travel planners. We recommending using the CDC Web site for your healthy travel resource.

Dr. Mark Sotir

Center for
Disease Control

Dr. Sotir joins Sandy on BusinessTravelRADIO to talk about the role of the Center for Disease Control in regards to healthy travel. He also discusses
a recent outbreak

of measles and what the risks are once you catch the disease. The Center for Disease control has returned to TravelTalkRADIO to talk each month on the topics and trends that are keep the doctors at the CDC up at night. These segments are a great venue to learn and find out more about your needs for vaccinations, alerts and good old fashioned advice, one being that using common sense goes a long way. Welcome back to the lineup, Center for Disease Control!


Matias Gotzmann

Bringing knowledge to business and government through 'Quality of Life' conference, April 2012
Matias Gotzmann,
Associate Director and CEO for the Business & Society Center of GRL (Global, Regional, Local Development
TravelTalkMEDIA announces media partnership with GRL Development out of Annapolis Maryland where the upcoming Quality of Life conference on April
19, 2012 will take place.

Matias Gotzmann joins Sandy to talk about the role of tourism and travel and how it relates to the organization's focus. This unique organization has roots in many industries and is just beginning to add tourism and travel to it's unique offerings.  
HERE or Right Click and Save to MP3 file, approx 24 minutes

Sponsored by:

Check out ITMI Radio!

Ken Carver


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Cruise Victims celebrate legal victory but waiting years for laws to be enforced
Ken Carver, Founder President International Cruise Victims Assn.
Ken Carver, an agent of change initiated the first challenge to the cruise industry after his daughter disappeared on the high seas amidst a huge cover-up from the cruise lines.
Find out where this organization is in terms of accomplishing the tasks of changing processes security on ships. The idea is catching on monthly with proponents to change the legal systems in the UK and Australia. But why has law not been enforced?
 HERE or Right Click and Save to MP3 file, approx 14 minutes

Tricia Schimpp, Founder of Bryce Canyon Botanicals on TravelTalkRADIO, Click HERE to Listen

Dan Prescher

Living Abroad a Growing Trend with all Ages
Dan Prescher,
Director of Special Projects
Thinking of retiring abroad? Trends show people are retiring abroad in bigger numbers than ever. The real news is that young people in their 20s and 30s are also looking outside of their own countries for economic improvement.

 Join Sandy and Dan as they discuss the opportunities of International Living. HERE or Right Click and Save to MP3 file, approx 25 minutes

Janna Timm

Dallas TV series comes back to television using Southfork Ranch as backdrop

Janna Timm,
South Fork Ranch Regional Director of Sales and Marketing
Janna takes Sandy on a tour of the Southfork Ranch and hotel and discusses.

groups and conferences sharing the same stage as the new up-coming TV series Dallas. Parent company Forever Resorts continues to bring new and upcoming opportunities for groups and conferences. Call for More information +1 972 442 7800
HERE or Right Click and Save to MP3 file, approx 14 minutes

Sponsored by:

Ted Bravos


International Tour Management Institute gives us lesson in Americana history
Ted Bravos, Founder and President of International Tour Management Institute, and Julie K. Davis, Sr Dir Com from Cracker Barrel

Julie K. Davis

Country Store joins Sandy as her guest host on BusinessTravelRADIO this week to celebrate the institutes 25th Symposium in Sacramento. Joining the Symposium this year is the Cracker Barrel Country Store Inc. As sponsors they have donated 6 signature cracker barrel rocking chairs. HERE or Right Click and Save to MP3 file, approx 15 minutes

Sponsored by:

Check out ITMI Radio!

Roger Dow

POW WOW this year is in Los Angeles!

Roger Dow, joins Sandy on BusinessTravelRADIO
this week

Sandy welcomes Roger Dow, President and CEO of the US Travel Association to BusinessTravelRADIO by beginning her report that she has not seen Roger as happy for many years.

Reporting on President Obama's commitment to the tour and travel industry, Roger explains what this means to travelers who wish to enter the United States and for new trends in travel. More on President Obama's announcement on Tourism and Travel.  HERE or Right Click and Save to MP3 file, approx 20 minutes

Larry Hayes

to the printed magazine

Retirement is for the Birds
Larry Hayes founder and publisher of Active Over 50

Larry tells Sandy his dream was to be a publisher and after 40 years, he now publishes Active Over 50, a local magazine with global views on lifestyle. Join Sandy and Larry for a robust conversation on why boomers are biggest consumer group and growing every day.
HERE or Right Click and Save to MP3 file, approx 19 minutes

TravelTalkMEDIA partners

Lisa Simon

National Travel Association grows because of  Presidents Instincts
Lisa Simon, President, National Tour Association
The NTA has enjoyed tremendous growth through the instincts of it's president, Lisa Simon.

Lisa made a conscious decision to get involved in as many travel trade associations as possible. You will find Lisa on a mission in Africa, Jordan, Spain and beyond. Its not about ego for her, it's about taking NTA to the next step and making partnership along the way. HERE or Right Click and Save to MP3 file, approx 23 minutes

Joanne Ferreira

U.S. Customs and Border Protection returns to launch 2012 travel with Travel Talk listener
Joanne Ferreira Public Affairs Officer, U.S. Customs and Border Protection
Joanne continues her conversations with Sandy about the growth of travel and how travel can be made more efficient and enjoyable with program called

KNOW BEFORE YOU GO. Joanne reports that over border patrol had to inspect over 8,000 kinds of Identification used by travels. Since the Western Hemisphere ID's  have been condensed into much fewer documents.

US Trusted Traveler Program is back and HOT!
Check it out and sign up for and spend about 2 minutes going through immigration.

HERE or Right Click and Save
to MP3 file, approx 14 minutes

Art Andrews

Make a Wish Foundation and LucasFilm partner with Dented Helmet to create funds from auctioning original artwork
Art Andrews, Founder, The Dented Helmet The As You Wish Project - An Introduction by Art Andrews  

The "As You Wish" Project was inspired by 2010ís 501st TK Helmet Project which included 50 reimagined Storm trooper helmets and which helped raise over $65,000 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation! Take a listen HERE or Right Click and Save to MP3 file, approx 14 minutes

Breezes All Resorts ON SALE Book by April 18, 2012

Philip Rose

Once you go, you know - Find out why a visit to Jamaica is just what you need
Philip Rose, Jamaica Tourism Board
Sandy visits with Philip in Las Vegas recently. Find out the secret to Jamaica tourism success and the people of Jamaica who are all ambassadors of their mother land. HERE or Right Click and Save to MP3 file, approx 13 minutes

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