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N  E  W  S  L  E  T  T  E  R
June 1, 2006

N  E  W  S  L  E  T  T  E  R
May 26, 2006

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Sacramento proves to be more than just a governmental
monument to the State of California.

Tara Riordan joins Sandy from Washington DC from the Department of
Homeland Security.

Welcome to this week’s edition of TravelTalkMEDIA’s newsletter. I hope you had a wonderful week and are getting ready for the upcoming summer onslaught of children and vacationing families hitting the road in search of “this summer’s experience”. One idea for this summer is to explore the capital city of California, Sacramento.  We have just returned from producing a live show in Sacramento, California. I had been there a few times throughout the years and spent two visits at the capital when I was involved in Youth in Government while in high school. To say that Sacramento has changed is an understatement. Gone are the remnants of old hotels like the Senator and in their place are exquisite high rises, wonderfully tree-lined streets and close detail to creating a tourist destination with everything from an old town including docks, trains, and historic buildings to high end theatres and a very notable opera house and world class restaurants.

We explored the trade route from San Francisco to Sacramento by water and we met the experts who offer visitors terrific opportunities to learn of the past. We stayed on the historic Delta King paddle boat docked at Old Town. In 1927 twin paddle boats were commissioned and called the Delta King and the Delta Queen. These 250’ long ships literally passed through the night each night as one would start in San Francisco at 10pm and the other from Sacramento. The King and Queen were one of the first party boats in the era of things gone badly. Depression and upcoming war loomed over the lives of everyone in the country and most of the world. Liquor and gambling were offered to all adults during the Prohibition days, offering an escape for whiskey thirsty and card playing tourists.


In California 100 years ago, we would find ourselves in the midst of American Indians, Spanish settlers and early Californians who realized that the Iron Horse, gold and government were to become a vital aspect in the lives of residents in Sacramento. And as a railroad town, Sacramento was also where the railroad began building the tracks to meet up with the Midwest.

Besides being the nucleus in the rich history of gold in California, Sacramento is the main stop for lobbyists who wish to influence state law makers. As the capital city for the State of California, Sacramento tourism has bolted 25% with the hands on approach of Governor Schwarzenegger. While Monterey California was the original capital city, San Jose, San Francisco, Vallejo and Eureka all served as capitals for a short time.


Listen to last week’s program and you will meet experts in the Sacramento area including wine, trains, food and the famous gold country of California.


Enjoy the show and please join us this week as we broadcast from our studios in San Diego.
Guests like Tara Riordan from the Department of Homeland Security, Reint Reinders from the San Diego Convention and Visitors Bureau and author Marlene Smith-Baranzini who wrote the traveler’s guide to the sport of kings – Horse Racing Coast to Coast will join me to share her knowledge on lifestyle, travel and the good life.
Until Sunday!

Keep your seat belts on and celebrate each day.

Warm regards,

Sandy Dhuyvetter

June 04, 2006. Sandy broadcasted live from the Delta King Riverboat and Hotel on the Sacramento River in California. Listen to the archives, click HERE

If you want to learn more about the wonderful city of Sacramento, listen to Lucy Steffen's interview as she joins Sandy on the Delta
King Riverboat. Click HERE

Renae Matson from the Amorosa Inn
& Vino Con Brio Winery joined Sandy
to talk about her winery, Click HERE

Mark Chandler
joined Sandy to talk about the Lodi-Woodbridge Winegrape Commission. Click HERE to listen
 to the interview.

Mike Coyne from the Delta King
Riverboat and Hotel joined Sandy to talk about
 the history of that boat and its purpose today.
HERE to listen
 to the interview.

Martin Maginley, the #1 Rated Chef
in the Caribbean joined Sandy to talk about the Epicurean Escape 2006.
Click HERE
to listen to the interview.

Chris Hart, President Sierra Railroad is managing  three California trains to entertain adults and families. Click HERE to listen to the interview.

Sandy was joined by Lisa Boulton, Marketing Director for Underground Adventures. Click HERE to listen
 to the interview.

For the wine connoisseur, listen
Jamie Lubenko's interview from
Amador Tourism and Vintners  Wine
Association, Click HERE
to listen  to the interview.

Joining Sandy were :Lucy Steffens, Director, Film Commission/ Travel Media for the Sacramento CVB,  Renae Matson, Amorosa Inn & Vino Con Brio Winery, Mark Chandler, Executive Director for Lodi-Woodbridge Winegrape Commission, Mike Coyne from the Delta King Riverboat and Hotel, Martin Maginley, the #1 Rated Chef in the Caribbean, U.S Department of Homeland Security, Lisa Boulton, Marketing Director for Underground Adventures,
Jamie Lubenko, Amador Tourism and Vintners Wine Association.
Listen to the archives, click HERE

May 21, 2006. Sandy broadcasted live from Jerusalem, Israel.
Listen to the ARCHIVES ! Click HERE or visit our special page on Israel, click HERE

If you think Israel is a country with people hiding in their homes full of fear - you are very wrong!
Come learn about a society that is full of life, love and passion. When you arrive in this great country, you will find prosperity like no other Middle Eastern country.  You will also find a strong love for peace and family.  We have uncovered the best tour operators in the world for you to use to enjoy your trip to Israel.  Don't wait.

Joining Sandy were: JONATHAN HARPAZ, Director of the Jerusalem Hotel Association, DANIELA COHEN, Ein Gedi Kibbutz Spa on the dead sea, DAN BAHAT, former chief archaeologist, Jerusalem Region, Israel Antiquities Authority, ARIE SOMMER, Israel Commissioner for Tourism, North and South America,  ARIE MAROM, Marketing for
the Ministry of Tourism in Israel
and BOB ARNO, Anti-theft expert.
Listen to the ARCHIVES !
Click HERE

Saturday mornings on KUSI Channel 9
Good Morning San Diego.
Join Sandy
between 8 and 9am Pacific Time for travel information that is informative, entertaining and timely. This coming Saturday, Sandy takes you to Las Vegas, Nevada. Don't miss this great program !

Sandy was in Ghana to personally  accept the 6th Annual Tanzania
Tourism Board Media Award 2006
on behalf of TravelTalkMEDIA.

For more information and pictures, visit our special page on Ghana,

CLICK HERE for more information on this week's program.

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This Sunday, June 11, 2006.
Sandy will be broadcasting live
from our San Diego Studio in California.
Joining Sandy will be :
Reint Reinders,
President and CEO of the San Diego Convention & Visitors Bureau, Greg Baxter, SuperClubs, Tara Riordan, Department of Homeland Security, Renae Matson, Amorosa Inn & Vino Con Brio Winery, Marlene Smith-Baranzini, author of ''Horse Racing Coast to Coast", Helen Kidd, Nevis Island Tourism Authority and Lori Pearlman from KNBC.
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TravelTalkRADIO will be broadcasting
 live from the Travel and Leisure Expo
at the Los Angeles Convention Center
 on June 18th. Join us, it's free !
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Brendan Worldwide Vacations is offering top destinations around the world. Learn more about this company on June 18
 as TravelTalkRADIO broadcasts
from the KNBC show !

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May 21, 2006, Sandy broadcasted
live from Jerusalem, Israel.

Click HERE to visit our special page.

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Join us in Croatia this coming Fall as
we traveled with the
American Tourism Society
For more information -  Click HERE

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Learn more about
NEVIS Island June 11, 2006!
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Visit Russian River Wine
Road's Web site,
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The 7th annual Epicurean Escape
will take place June 29 - July 3, 2006. 
Join SuperClubs for
"Flavours of the Mediterranean"
in the island paradise of Jamaica.
Grand Lido Negril Resort & Spa. Unique. Spectacular. 
World class down to the
finest detail.
Voted The #1 resort
in the Caribbean.

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All you need to know to travel
with minors, click HERE

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