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Welcome to the TravelTalkMEDIA Newsletter -
by Sandy Dhuyvetter

I had the opportunity to cover Pow Wow this year in San Francisco where 5,000 attendees showed off travel products and services from the USA. Attendees came from all over the world to view the best of what the US can offer in tourism. I was in good company with 500 other International journalists joining us.

Maximum Wow Factor at Pow Wow
in San Francisco.

Sandy, Ted Bravos, International Tour Management
Institute and Angie Louie, owner of HanaZEN, at Pier 39 during the Pow Wow in San Francisco.
The entire Pier 39 was closed for Pow wow attendees only.

This Sunday, June 12, 2011, I am welcoming to BusinessTravelRADIO (BTR),  Ted Bravos the cofounder of International Tour Management Institute and contributor to our radio programming. Ted will be joining us to discuss new trends in travel announced at Pow Wow last week and we'll talk about some of the reasons a why a Tour Director job makes sense and pays well. Click HERE to go to this week's program page.

Betty Makoni, CNN Hero joins Sandy in Ghana at International Women’s Fair.

We are exited to share with our audiences a very special lady who was honored as a CNN Hero in 2009. Betty Makoni has touched over 35,000 girls lives in Africa and beyond.  Betty Makoni joined attendees of the 2011 International Women's Fair (IWF) in Ghana this year, where she presented her heartfelt story and advise to young girls.

Betty and Sandy meeting in Feb 2011 for
first time in Santa Cruz at
International Women's DAY Bridge Walk.

Betty talking to attendees of International Women's Fair in Ghana in May 2011
Photo by TravelTalkMEDIA

Not often do you meet a real modern day hero like Betty Makoni. A woman of strong conviction whose body seems to be filled with electricity when she passionately and buoyantly makes her points about the need to protect young girls. In her native Zimbabwe, Betty grew up in a challenging environment where her Mother ultimately fell victim to abuse and was murdered by Betty’s father. Surviving rapes and abusive treatment, little Betty at the age of nine became openly defiant while questioning her elders and demanding the abuse stop. As she grew into womanhood her passion brought her to work in the field of child trafficking and abuse where her training continues to draw attention, both good and bad.
Click HERE to Listen to interview with Betty Makoni

heck out IWF photos from the event and make plans to get involved with next year's International Women's Fair 2012.

Pat Walker
Founder, The Cultural Explorer

Make a Difference, Explore Africa, Share Your Skills, Meet Families and Ladies Groups and Artisans. 

The Cultural Explorer Founder, Pat Walker, is offering another 3 trips to Africa. Ladies of the world, check it out. Pat has an amazing talent for customizing her trips for all that participate.

If you have some time on your hands, and you have a desire to see the beautiful continent of Africa, call Pat and discuss her offerings this summer.

Sandy met Pat Walker some years ago as they explored the newly emerging country of Angola. Six years later Pat has become an expert tour operator offering meaningful and memorable programs. Click HERE to Listen and Learn more

 Association of Corporate Travel Executives!

During the International Women's Fair,
the Association of Corporate Travel Executives granted special
ACTE memberships to Ghanaian organizations in the field of business travel.

Join Chris Crowley, President of ACTE on BusinessTravelRADIO weekly beginning in June.

Janet Chapple

Author, Yellowstone Treasures

Winner of the
Benjamin Franklin Award

Yellowstone Treasures
Join Sandy and author Janet Chapple as they talk about the 3rd edition of Janet's book, Yellowstone Treasures.

Janet talks about her life as a child whose parents worked at Yellowstone National Parks. As a young girl, she was exposed to the beauty and wonder of the park and throughout her life has had a deep appreciation and love for the region. In her book readers will find a substantial resource center for Yellowstone in terms of tourism, history, geology.

“Yellowstone Treasures: The Traveler's Companion to the National Park” Updated Third Edition, April 2009 Silver Award Winner in 2010 Benjamin Franklin Awards Competition and Winner of the ForeWord Magazine Gold Award for Travel Guides. Click HERE to Listen and Learn more

Ellen Lapham

 Director, American Alpine Club and Lead for Scientific Climb up highest
Mts in Peru

Mountaineering With A Purpose, 
The Cordillera Blanca Environmental Expedition 2011

In July of 2011, sixteen American Alpine Club climbers, 14 men and two women, will volunteer their time and expertise to conduct studies of air pollution and global warming impacts on the peaks of the Cordillera Blanca, Peru's highest mountains.  Team members include air quality and climate change experts as well as experienced high altitude climbers. For three weeks they will be living and working at elevations over 13,000 feet and climbing to over 20,000 feet. Click HERE to Listen and Learn more

Mona Naffa
Representing Jordan Travel &
The Dead Sea Spa
and Resort in Jordan

Largest Medical Spa in Jordan on Dead Sea Attracts Medically Insured from Europe.

Mona Naffa, representing The Dead Sea Spa and Resort said Medical tourism in Jordan offers the best of all worlds. The accommodations are 4 and 5 star and the combination of temperature, air and natural ingredients allow rest and relaxation. To learn more about this destination and it’s offerings. Listen to Mona Naffa describe her life, from being born in California to moving to Jordan and becoming an entrepreneur.
Click HERE to Listen and Learn more


Thomas Steinmetz
brings us a look at International
Business Travel.

Road Warrior and Travel Journalist, Thomas Steinmetz checks in from somewhere in this world.

Sandy  brings Thomas Steinmetz on board to catch up with his travels. From Germany, to Zambia, to Dubai, to South Africa and then back to Germany, we follow this road warrior and check the thermometer in the Business Travel Sector. Click HERE to Listen and Learn more

Ty Prettyman

Program Director,

Airlink turns out to be the missing link in Relief.

Call it logistics, call it an intermedian, or call it filling a basic need in transporting relief to countries in need.

Sandy introduces Ty to her audiences as she plans to leave for Japan to do a short relief mission, thanks to the support of organizations like ISTAT - Airlink! Click HERE to Listen and Learn more

Bob Marshall and Esther Pato

Blount Small Ship Adventures

How about a Cruise on the Great Lakes with Blount Small Ship Adventures

Sandy welcomes her audiences to this week's program and her special guests Esther Pato and  Bob Marshall, Tourism Manager
Port of Goderich in Ontario, Canada. Check out this itinerary including 9 nights and 10 days on one of the most well regarded and revered small cruise company in the world.
Click HERE to Listen and Learn more

Ben Southall

Winner of the Best Job in the World
as caretaker of Islands in Queensland, Australia

TravelTalkRADIO will keep up-to-date with Ben while he navigates one of the best  protected reefs
in the world.

Australia Tourism Cashes in on Double Win with Ben Southall.

Winner of 2009 Best Job in the World, Ben Southall has created another opportunity for tourism in the Great Barrier Reef. Ben is calling this the Best Expedition in the World and plans to kayak the same route as Sir Thomas Cook.

Beating out 25,000 competitors for the Best Job in the World where Ben completed 6 months of living on several islands and being the caretaker and daily blogger. Receiving $150,000 for his time, Ben has decided it is time to give back. As a charity worker, he knows the gig well and is planning on a four month, 1600km kayak and sailing journey from the Town of 1770 on the Central Queensland coast, north to Cooktown in Queensland’s Tropical North. Click HERE to Listen and Learn more

June 12, 2011 Sandy is joined by Chris Crowley, president of Assn of Corporate Travel Executives and SR VP at BCD Travel. Ted Bravos, president of International Tour Management Institute stops by to discuss the latest in US Travel Shows and Mike Mendoza, managing editor of What's Happening in the UK will also talk about UK Travel and what it is like not being in radio any longer. We'll have some surprises too as we celebrate the experts in travel and healthy lifestyle. Join us at Noon ET. HERE

Safe travels and thanks for your messages.

Don't forget our Sunday morning together,
grab a cup of coffee put on your seatbelt, and get ready
for some serious fun.

Sandy Dhuyvetter, Executive Producer and Host

Morocco 2011 five minute video
produced by Sandy Dhuyvetter

Former US Ambassador to Morocco, Thomas Riley, to Morocco reviewed the video and wrote: Hi Sandy, Just watched your video.  You did a fabulous job.  This is one of the best short films I have ever seen that really captures Morocco! 

Thank you Mr. Ambassador!

Sandy writes a monthly column in What's Happening Magazine published in print form out of UK.
50,000 readers from Worthing to Brighton with over 100 distribution points. May article HERE

June 2011 Discover Forever Newsletter

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