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Sandy Dhuyvetter
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week during a live broadcast
from the KNBC Travel Expo at the
Los Angeles Convention Center.

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On your mark, get set, grab the kids, its vacation time!   
by Sandy Dhuyvetter

I don’t know about you, but it seems to happen overnight. The feeling in the air, the outdoor events, the long sunlit days and the family vacation are all a part of the summer magic. I personally love the long summer days surrounded by our family and friends along with late dinners and early morning walks on the beach followed by a swim in our warm pool. It might seem ironic, but during the summer the TravelTalkRADIO staff travels the least. Our shows are always fresh and new no matter the season, but after putting more than 500,000 miles under our belts to promote travel this year, summertime is our payoff. Its when we hope to reap the bounty of our travels and remote broadcasts by hearing that record numbers of people are traveling and crossing borders into different regions and cultures. If this happens, it means we have played a small but important part of a very large assignment.

Sandy is joined by Gary Murphy this
past weekend at the KNBC Travel Expo in Los Angeles.

TravelTalkRADIO was founded on the belief that to have true world peace we must all travel to each others' countries. Even though we speak of travel as an industry, it is, in reality, people moving around freely, communicating face-to-face, extending hands in friendship, celebrating the diversity amongst cultures and respecting the environment. And like most every other country, the travel and tourism industry is an integral part of making America’s economy, borders and international relationships strong.

World travel is expected to double over the next 15 years creating a huge increase in  economic growth, jobs and tax revenue. Even though the number of foreign visitors continues to rise in the U.S., and this year is projected to reach an all-time high, the rest of the world is passing America by with statistics that are well outpacing U.S. growth. And if slow growth is not bad enough, America’s image is down by 36% since 1992. It seems to be an uphill battle with reports coming from such places as Australia ranking Japan and China as the top two most admired countries followed third by America. The most disappointing and alarming news is that the overwhelming majority of Australians ranked both Islamic fundamentalism and the U.S. as the world's two greatest threats. Yet the fact remains that when most visitors come to the U.S. for the first time, they find themselves warmly appreciative of American hospitality. Sadly, America is not the only victim of mainstream media's one-sided and exaggerated press reports.

As we visit foreign lands, each one of us needs to be an ambassador for the country we call home. The duties of ambassadorship are few but the benefits are many and include the creation of goodwill between countries, a broader base of economic wealth and, ultimately, world peace. To achieve these goals we must all travel and we must encourage and support our young people to cross borders and experience cultures. True wisdom comes to travelers who open their eyes and their hearts to new environments and new experiences. The quote from St. Augustine that “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page” is at the core of this week's program.

Please join me as we welcome into the studio from Kenya the President/General Secretary of the African Airline Association, Christian Folly-Kossi. We also are delighted that Sylvia Frommer-Mracky and Ron Mracky from the African Times in Los Angeles will be joining us in the studio.  We’ll also take you on adventures in Scotland, Israel, and  the National Parks of the U.S. and we’ll talk to Kathy Sudeikis, President of the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA). I look forward to having you join us this coming Sunday.

Warm regards and safe travels,

Sandy Dhuyvetter.

This coming Saturday morning on Good Morning San Diego on KUSI channel 9,
Sandy takes you to Palm Springs. Click HERE

This week's music will be taken from the new CD from Putumayo's collection called:

Last week's show on TravelTalkRADIO / LIVE from
from the KNBC Travel Expo
 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.
Simply click onto the graphic of each guest to go  to the ARCHIVED audio files of the program.

Zhang Xinhong,
Director of the
China National
Tourist Office

Chris Berber of BXI Business Expo International joins Sandy to talk about the organization of the KNBC/Telemundo 52
Travel Expo Show

Audra Merrell,
Supervisor at
Pechanga Resort & Casino.


Ronald Mracky and
Sylvia Frommer-
 Southern California Chapter of the Africa Travel Association.

Patricia Hernandez and Alejandro Olvera from the Tourism and Convention Bureau of Mexicali.

Learn more about this company as Sandy interviews Gary Murphy, President of Brendan Worldwide Vacations, click HERE

Perhaps the most beautiful place anywhere.

Dan Carter
, Executive Director for
Yosemite Sierra Visitors Bureau.

Jamie Lokan,
Tourism and Recreation for the
 Mammoth Lakes Visitors Bureau.

David Heidel,
President of Da Hai Inc/ Coastal Vacations

Joining Sandy on May 21 were: JONATHAN HARPAZ, Director of the Jerusalem Hotel Association, DANIELA COHEN, Ein Gedi Kibbutz Spa on the Dead Sea, DAN BAHAT, former Chief Archaeologist, Jerusalem Region, Israel Antiquities Authority, ARIE SOMMER, Israel Commissioner for Tourism, North and South America,  ARIE MAROM, Marketing for
the Ministry of Tourism in Israel
and BOB ARNO, Anti-theft expert.
Listen to the ARCHIVES ! Click HERE


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HERE for more information on this week's program.

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This Sunday, June 25, 2006.
Sunday 9 - 11am Pacific Time

Join Sandy in the TravelTalkRADIO studios in San Diego as she welcomes
from Kenya the
Secretary General of the African Airlines Association (AFRAA), CHRISTIAN FOLLY-KOSSI. Also in the studio are African travel specialists and publishers of the African Times, RON and SYLVIA MRACKY from Los Angeles. While in Israel, Sandy sat down with American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) President, KATHY SUDEKAIS, and talked about ASTA's new branding and their new trade show coming in Sept.  MICHAEL MEYER of El Al, the Israeli Airlines, will also join Sandy to talk about this very exciting and innovative airline. Also joining Sandy are DAVID and KAY SCOTT, Authors of the Complete Guide to the National Park Lodges.

PLUS tune in for some great giveaways including, one night stay on the Sacramento Delta King, Grand Canyon Railway tickets that include round trip tickets to the rim of the canyon from Williams, AZ plus lots and lots of travel books to fill your travel library. PLUS learn about a new product line focused on keeping travelers well! LANCE PARIS will tell us about the Travelers Edge!

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the world.
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Thursday June 22, 2006
Sandy joins Bill Madden for the
TalkStar Morning. Click HERE to Listen.

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May 21, 2006, Sandy broadcasts
live from Jerusalem, Israel.

to visit our special page.

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Join us in Croatia this coming fall as
we traveled with the American Tourism Society. For more information, click HERE

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