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June 29,  2 0 0 6


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N  E  W  S  L  E  T  T  E  R
June 22, 2006

N  E  W  S  L  E  T  T  E  R
June 15, 2006

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Welcome to this week’s TravelTalkRADIO newsletter.
I hope you were able to join us this past Sunday for a great program. We were delighted to welcome Christian Folly-Kossi, the General Secretary of the Africa Airline Association (AFRAA) to our studios in San Diego. Open skies throughout the African continent was our top discussion as it proves to be both the biggest priority and the most daunting challenge for airlines in Africa.

This Saturday morning on KUSI channel 9
Sandy takes you to Morocco.

 It is obvious Mr. Folly-Kossi and the associations are slowly and successfully uniting airlines throughout this vast and diverse continent. AFRAA is the only agency of its kind in Africa and is the future and hope for unified travel throughout the 53 countries. Also in the studio were African travel experts, Ron Mracky and Silvia Frommer-Mracky from Los Angeles. If you are interested in African travel, their interviews on last week’s show are a must for listening. Ron and Sylvia are also active members in the Africa Travel Association (ATA).


 Moving onto some of the highlights for this week’s coming program on Sunday; we are getting word that Tara Riordan from Department of Homeland Security will join us in our studios for our monthly update on U.S. travel and security. Tara gives us first hand knowledge of the new regulations affecting travelers being put into place and we get a first hand look into the agency where she has been working closely with Tom Ridge, Michael Chertoff and Alfonso Martinez-Fonts.

We have been anxiously awaiting the debut of the Russian River Wine Association on TravelTalkRADIO and it’s finally here. We are going to introduce our audiences to executive director Beth Costa and talk about the 100 wineries and 50 lodgings in the Russian River region of Northern California. We’ll also learn more about the Northwest Sonoma County and this most picturesque grape-growing region in California.


We have an additional treat coming to you as we welcome Cynthia Langston, author of Bicoastal Babe, on the program. Cynthia is on a book tour here in Southern California and will stop by the studios. We will find out more about this hilarious novel with the very unusual title.


Also joining me is longtime friend and colleague, John Kolbisen. John is very successful, he has a thriving family in Half Moon Bay and several businesses in the Bay area including La Petite Baleen in Half Moon Bay and San Bruno. John is also the president of the National Swim School Association and is passionate about traveling. I met John when he became my son’s first swim teacher when Eric was 5 months old. John and his wife and partner, Irene, continued to teach Eric until he was 9 years old and we moved to San Diego. I am delighted to share this dear friend’s story with you as we travel back to his roots in Italy with John Kolbisen.

I couldn't pass up the chance to have Diva Dog's owner Kathy Haase on the program to talk about traveling dogs. I met her while being featured on channel 9's Good Morning San Diego program a couple of Saturdays ago and thought we would get a kick out of talking moving dogs and what the trends are for traveling dogs this year.

Greg Baxter will be coming into the studio this Sunday to talk about his trip to Jamaica and the Super Clubs Epicurean Escape that fired up the Island this past weekend. This will be a treat as Greg is one funny and entertaining guy.


And finally, we will hear from Air New Zealand’s VP of Marketing, Rebecca Nicol, about the airline’s new traveler and vacation survey results. You will be surprised to learn what more and more people expect from their doctors in regards to a vacation! Come and find out this coming Sunday.


Also we are welcoming new sponsor BRENDAN Worldwide Vacations. We are excited to promote a world-class leader in tour operations. Please join me to learn more about BRENDAN Worldwide Vacations.


Where ever your travels take you – we wish the best and safest trip.

Warm regards,


Sandy Dhuyvetter

This week's music will be taken from one of the many CD from Putumayo's collection called: The Caribbean. Join us as we celebrate this wonderful music  featuring the irresistible rhythms of soca, reggae, merengue and more!
HERE to learn more about Putumayo World Music.

Last week's show on TravelTalkRADIO / LIVE from our studios in San Diego, CA.
Sandy welcomes from Kenya, the Secretary General of the African Airlines Association (AFRAA), Christian Folly-Kossy.  Also in the studio are African travel specialist and publishers of the African Times, Ron and Sylvia Mracky from Los Angeles.
CLICK HERE to listen to the archives or simply click onto the graphic
 of each guest to go  to the ARCHIVED audio files of the program.


Michael Mayer joins Sandy to talk
about El Al, the Israeli Airline.

Fiona Stewart, Consumer PR Manager, North America, Asia Pacific for VisitScotland

Kathryn Sudeikis, President of the American Society of Travel Agents. (ASTA)

David and Kay Scott, Authors of the complete guide to the National Park Lodges

Joining Sandy on June 25 were: DAVID and KAY SCOTT, Author of the complete guide to the ''National Park Lodges', MICHAEL MAYER, General Manager, El Al Israel Airlines, North and Central America, RONALD MRACKY and  SYLVIA FROMMER-MRACKY,  Southern California Africa Travel,  FIONA STEWART, Consumer PR Manager for VisitScotland, CHRISTIAN FOLLY-KOSSY, The Secretary General of the African Airlines Association (AFRAA), and KATHRYN W. SUDEIKIS, President of the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA).  Listen  to the archives, click HERE

This coming Saturday Morning!

This coming Saturday morning on Good Morning San Diego on KUSI channel 9,
Sandy takes you to Morocco. Click HERE

May 21, 2006, Sandy broadcast live from Jerusalem, Israel. Joining Sandy were: JONATHAN HARPAZ, Director of the Jerusalem Hotel Association, DANIELA COHEN, Ein Gedi Kibbutz Spa on the Dead Sea, DAN BAHAT, former Chief Archaeologist, Jerusalem Region, Israel Antiquities Authority, ARIE SOMMER, Israel Commissioner for Tourism, North and South America,  ARIE MAROM, Marketing for the Ministry of Tourism in Israel and BOB ARNO, Anti-theft expert. Listen to the ARCHIVES ! Click HERE


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Next broadcast is this Sunday July 2, 2006 from our studios in San Diego. Joining Sandy in the studio this weekend will be Tara Riordan from the Department of Homeland Security, Cynthia Langston, author of Bicoastal Babe and our dear friend Greg Baxter just back from the Epicurean Escape in SuperClubs, the super inclusive resort Grand Lido Negril in Jamaica.  Sandy will also welcome our new sponsor, Beth Costa, from The Russian River Wine Road. She will tell us more about this fabulous wine country destination.
Also joining Sandy is Diva's Dogs' (online pet travel accessories) owner Kathy Haase to talk about traveling pets, Rebecca Nicol, talks about a survey made by
Air New Zealand - Are "Vacation Prescriptions" the Answer, and John Kolbisen who will tell us more about his Sicilian Roots. Don't miss this great program !

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This Sunday on TravelTalkRADIO, don't miss Sandy's interview with Beth Costa from the Russian River Wine Road ! 

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BRENDAN Worldwide Vacations
is offering top destinations around
the world.
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Thursday June 22, 2006
Sandy joined Bill Madden for the
TalkStar Morning. Click HERE to Listen.

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May 21, 2006, Sandy broadcast
live from Jerusalem, Israel.

to visit our special page.

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Join us in Croatia this coming fall as
we traveled with the American Tourism Society. For more information, click HERE

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