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Welcome to this week's TravelTalkMEDIA Newsletter -
by Sandy Dhuyvetter

I have just returned from Ghana, Africa where I served as the Global Ambassador for the 2nd Annual International Women's Fair (IWF).

IWF organizers take a moment to relax after final day.

Sandy and the Creative Trends team being playful after the final day of the International Women's Fair.  From Left to Right: Jeff Ayekpa,
Mabel Sackey, Ben Abeka, Daniel, Sandy, Yaw Asamoah,
Hudu Yahaya and Eleanora Amoah

In three words I can give women and men around the world a heads up about next year's IWF, "Don't Miss it!" It was a celebration of Mothers, businesswomen, committed partners and young girls. The international message was clearly made by presenter, Dr. Kofi Amoah. He called women to action through his presentation on taking businesses to the global community. An inspiration himself, a few decades ago, Dr. Kofi took the idea of bringing Western Union to Ghana to the Western Union headquarters in NY. Against great odds, he succeeded in Ghana, and he also took Western Union throughout all of Africa, creating opportunities never imagined before around the continent.

Sandy visiting with artisan, at the International Women's Fair.

As a tongue and cheek approach, one advertisement called the Fair 'important for women, and compulsory for me.' There was no shortage of the support given by husbands, co workers and supporters of equal rights for women around the world. The fair was textured with exhibitors, plays and a bounty of local food. Next year's Fair promises to be even more diverse and larger than ever.

Ghana proves once again, it is a country of opportunity and a good entry point to the African marketplace. From travel to pharmaceuticals to bright business ideas, Ghana has no shortage of entrepreneurs and early adapters.

Join IWF organizer, Yaw Asamoah on BusinessTravelRADIO this week
Click HERE to Listen

Next Week: CNN Hero, and founder of the Girl Child Network Worldwide, Betty Makoni joins Sandy to talk about her experience in Ghana at the IWF.

Check out IWF photos from the event and make plans to get involved with
next year's International Women's Fair 2012.

THANK YOU Association of Corporate Travel Executives!
During the International Women's Fair,
the Association of Corporate Travel Executives granted special
ACTE memberships to Ghanaian organizations in the field of business travel.

Join Chris Crowley, President of ACTE on BusinessTravelRADIO weekly

Sandy with Helping Hands of Tokyo volunteers.

Airline Ambassadors International joins Japan relief efforts
By Sandy Dhuyvetter

Relief plans that included sending a first team to set up logistics began to be put into place almost immediately by Airline Ambassadors International (AAI) after the catastrophic events in Japan. As a recent addition to the board of directors of the AAI, it was my pleasure to get involved and, in fact, I was grateful for the opportunity.

Click HERE to read more in eTurboNews.

Sandy writes a monthly column on What's Happening Magazine published in print form out of UK.
50,000 readers from Worthing to Brighton with over 100 distribution points.

Center for
Responsible Travel
Goes to Costa Rica
July 20-23, 2011

Check out more information
on the CREST

The 3rd International Travelers' Philanthropy Conference in Costa Rica

Dr. Martha Honey, joins Sandy as the co-founder and Co-Director of CREST. Martha heads the Washington, DC office and has written and lectured widely on ecotourism, Travelers' Philanthropy, and certification issues. She worked for 20 years as a journalist based in East Africa and Central America and holds a Ph.D. in African history. She was Executive Director of The International Ecotourism Society (TIES) from 2003 to 2006.

Join Dr. Honey on TravelTalkRADIO this week to discuss the conference in Costa Rica.

Click HERE to Listen

Next week on TravelTalkRADIO meet Pat Walker from The Cultural Explorer.

Greg Baxter and Bobafet at TravelTalkMEDIA studio

How about a 35% discount on an all-inclusive vacation, at SuperClubs
Greg Baxter returns to San Francisco
to join Sandy in the studio.

Just back from Japan, New York and Ghana, Sandy shares some of the trips highlights with SuperClub expert, Greg Baxter.

If you need a vacation, remember if you dissect the word RECREATION, you will find that it is all about RECREATING yourself. There is no better place in the world than one of the SuperClub Resorts. Try SuperClubs for 35% off!

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Join Sandy and Greg for another lively conversation. Click
HERE  to Listen


World Health Organization, (WTO) Director of Collaborating Centre, launches book titled: Healthy Secrets, A Layperson's Guide to Health Issues

Sandy reviewed Dr. DoDoo's work and was honored to have her review published in his book.

Dr. DoDoo's Healthy Secrets break down the barriers of embarrassment and shyness with some serious fun. Using tongue and cheek humor, the reader is guided through health topics supported with professional facts and helpful hints. The reader will be entertained, and find relief, all at the same time. As an International lifestyle expert, I can imagine the entire world getting a chuckle and most importantly, benefiting from Dr. Dodoo's work. A perfect gift" . . . Sandy Dhuyvetter

Next Week
Betty Makoni, CNN Hero,GirlChildNetworkWorldWide.com
Pat Walker, The Cultural Explorer
Blount Small Ship Adventures, Cruising Ontario Canada
PowWow, Travel Industry comes to San Francisco this year.
Discover Forever Resorts in the National Parks and Beyond

Dr. Alex Dodoo,
BPharm, MSc, PhD, MPSGH, MRPharS.

Dr. Dodoo is the Director of the World Health Organisation (WHO) Collaborating Centre for Advocacy and Training in Pharmacovigilance and the Head of Global Outreach for WHO Program for International Drug Monitoring, the Uppsala Monitoring Centre of Uppsala, Sweden. He is also a member of the WHO Advisory Committee on the Safety of Medicinal Products.

Author, Healthy Secrets on BusinessTravelRADIO

Join Sandy and Dr. DoDoo on BusinessTravelRADIO this week.

Click HERE to Listen

Join me at POWOW in San Francisco this weekend.

Safe travels and thanks for your messages.

Don't forget our Sunday morning together,
grab a cup of coffee put on your seatbelt, and get ready
for some serious fun.

Sandy Dhuyvetter, Executive Producer and Host

Morocco 2011 five minute video
produced by Sandy Dhuyvetter

Former US Ambassador to Morocco, Thomas Riley, to Morocco reviewed the video and wrote: Hi Sandy, Just watched your video.  You did a fabulous job.  This is one of the best short films I have ever seen that really captures Morocco! 

Thank you Mr. Ambassador!

May 2011 Discover Forever Newsletter

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Los Angeles at its very best.
Manhattan Beach, California

COMING SOON!  Mountaineering With A Purpose,
The Cordillera Blanca Environmental Expedition 2011
In July of 2011, sixteen American Alpine Club climbers, 14 men and two women, will volunteer their time and expertise to conduct studies of air pollution and global warming impacts on the peaks of the Cordillera Blanca, Peru's highest mountains. Team members include air quality and climate change experts as well as experienced high altitude climbers. For three weeks they will be living and working at elevations over 13,000 feet and climbing to over 20,000 feet. Health and injury are key considerations - every team member is vital to meet the scientific objectives of this expedition as the data collected with be shared with Peru's environmental professionals as well as with the worldwide research community. Join us to celebrate this group and to look more closely at the scientific objectives what they mean to today's business and leisure traveler.

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