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October 5,  2 0 0 6


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N  E  W  S  L  E  T  T  E  R  
September 29,   2 0 0 6

N  E  W  S  L  E  T  T  E  R
September 20, 2006

Special Egypt

N  E  W  S  L  E  T  T  E  R  
September 15,   2 0 0 6

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Welcome to TravelTalkRADIO's weekly newsletter.
I’m writing you this week from my wonderfully presented hotel room at the Hotel Nikko high above the city of San Francisco, California. It is a cozy, well laid-out room that is Asian infused and basic in nature. If you like to be in a room with great chi, (energy, “vibes” and harmony) this is the place. I also visited the sales manager to learn that guests receive all the amenities you would expect from a 5-star hotel, including use of the glass enclosed swimming pool on the fifth floor. I didn’t have time to swim this trip, but I have a magnificent view from the seventeenth floor to the pool area. It is breathtaking even in the dimly lit nighttime.  I am so delighted with my room that I decided to test my ability to make an accurate judgment. I needed to see if I was just happy to be in San Francisco (always) or is this truly a jewel in the Bay Area. I researched to see what other travelers say about the San Francisco Nikko and plugged into click
and click

These are the direct links to what visitors say about the Hotel Nikko
in San Francisco. It seems to be unanimous: Two thumbs way up.
By the way, they are also great resources when researching properties.

Last night in San Francisco, The A
nnual California Travel and Tourism Commission’s Media Reception at AT&T Park.

From my Southwest airline flight this morning from Oakland to San Diego. Glorious is an understatement.

I try to get to San Francisco as often as possible and this particular evening was another great excuse to come to “The City”. I was here for a “must attend event”, the annual California Travel and Tourism Commission’s Media Reception at the AT&T Park here in the city of San Francisco. This is an annual opportunity to see a showcase of new travel and tourism products in California as well as many updated and refreshed offerings. Being a California native and a vocal proponent of travel, I take pride in sharing my home State’s destinations with our listeners and coming to this event is always like coming home. Each year we come to find a new backdrop of experiences offered to the California visitor and let’s not forget the Californian who still wants to discover their own backyard. You can find more information at:

Thank you again to the staff at the California Travel and Tourism Commission – a great and effective job.


We are off to Thailand this Saturday as we uncover some new travel ideas from the Pacific Asia area. Now in its 9th year, Corporate Travel World (CTW) Asia-Pacific is a conference and exhibition on Travel & Entertainment (T&E) management for the entire region. CTW has been working in cooperation for the past several years with another large exhibition, Incentive Travel & Convention Meeting Asia (IT&CMA), and joins these powerful partners for a combined conference and expo. Together, the CTA and IT&CMA have become one of Pacific Asia’s premier business travel and incentive travel shows and represent a powerful venue for examining present and futures of travel.


While in Thailand, we will also take the time to interview some of the doctors and organizers of medical tourism in that region. Imagine: you need an elective surgical procedure and, after traveling to this exotic land and undergoing the operation at a state of the art facility, you rest and recover peacefully for the next week or so in a hammock on a white sand beach with azure seas and some fantastic beverage in hand. Does this sound even better if you are only paying about a third of the price you might pay in your own hospital in your community?  We’re anxious to know the whole story and we’ll share it with you on Oct 15 on TravelTalkRADIO.


Have a great week and safe travels,




ps: Having fun with the blog, join us and let us know what’s on your mind.

This week on KUSI channel 9 in San Diego. Sandy brings great  travel ideas
to off-duty servicemen and women and their families.
Great getaway destination for military R & R and their  families in the middle east.

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Last week's show on TravelTalkRADIO / LIVE from our studios in San Diego.
 CLICK HERE to listen to the archives or simply click onto the graphic of each guest
to go  to the ARCHIVED audio files of the program.

Gay Gerlack
TUTTO Luggage

Chip Caruso

President of the Travel Industry Shows, Home Based Agent Shows/Honeymoon
and Romantic Getaways Show.

Gary Murphy
President of Brendan Worldwide Vacations

James Kaiser

Author of Joshua Tree

Bob Rauch
General Manager of the Homewood Suites
by Hilton San Diego/Del Mar

Tara Riordan
Department of Homeland Security
Business Liaison Assistant Director
Sunday, Sep 24, 2006, Sandy welcomed BURKE OWENS, Associate Director of Wine for Copia, LINDA CARUCCI, Copia Julia Child Director of Culinary Programs, BOB MCMILLEN, Founder and CEO of TravelWizard, CHIP CARUSO, President of the Travel Industry Shows,
and JANAE FRANICEVIC, Owner of Sunce Winery.
CLICK HERE to listen to the archives.
Sunday Sep 17, 2006, Sandy welcomed ZOHAIR GARRANAH, Egyptian Minister of Tourism, ELHAMY ELZAYAT, Chairman and CEO of Emeco Travel. SAYED M. KHALIFA, Vice
Chairman of the Egyptian Tourism Authority,
LYNN RAOUF, Owner of the Raouf Hotels International, GARY MURPHY, President of Brendan Worldwide Vacations, HISHAM
, Director General & Vice Chairman Business Council World Tourism Organization/ Egyptian Tourism Federation. Click HERE to listen to the archives.
Celebrate Travel with Sandy
on Channel 9 KUSI TV
Good Morning San Diego

Join Sandy on Good Morning San Diego for Travel information that is informative, entertaining and timely.
Between 8 and 9am Pacific.
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Next broadcast
Sunday, October 8, 2006

This week, don't miss the best of TravelTalkRADIO as Sandy welcomes:
Vice President of Public Relations for Forever Resorts
ERIC ZMOLEK, US College student s
tudying abroad in Japan
Chairman and CEO of Emeco Travel - Egypt
AL BACCARI, Author of Fisherman's Wharf
ANNABEL DETAVERNIER, Belgian Intern for TravelTalkRADIO

Owner of the Raouf Hotels International in Sharm el Sheikh
CEO and President of the American Tourism Society
ROB KELLY, Filmmaker and owner of RAK Productions

Thanks to all of you for listening.

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Next week, Sandy and her crew will be traveling in Thailand for the 2006 Incentive Travel & Conventions, Meetings Asia (IT&CMA) conference and the Corporate TravelWorld (CTW) Asia-Pacific exhibition. This is the premiere event in the region on business and incentive travel.

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broadcast live from Egypt
September 10, 2006!
Click HERE for the index page of
all our programming on Egypt

Sandy and the TravelTalkRADIO
team traveled  to Egypt for the
2006 Mediterranean Travel Fair
September 5 - 7 in Cairo. Listen to
 the archives of our live broadcast, Sunday, September 10 and discover some of the world's most significant and ancient monuments and
 the great Egyptian civilization.
Click HERE for archives.
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Brendan Worldwide Vacations
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the world. Click
HERE to learn more.

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This coming November,
Sandy and her crew will broadcast live from Forever Resorts in Scottsdale, Arizona.
To learn more about this company, click

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