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March 9, 2003
Al gives listeners valuable information on 
Erroneous Internet Quotes for Travel Services followed by the description already listed - 
What are your rights when you find Pricing Mistakes on the Internet.

Feb 23, 2003
Al gives listeners valuable information on 

Feb 16, 2003
Al gives some advise regarding

Feb 9, 2003
During the American Bus Association Program Al gave the 
Travel Talk Radio a lesson in legal issues surrounding the Motor Coach industry. 
Also included in this segment 

Saudi Arabian ownership of Fairmont Hotels and 

Governments right of sequester of airplanes during time of war

January 27, 2003
Listen to Travel Talk Radio listener describe her ordeal of 
Traveling by air with an allergy to peanuts! What to do! . . . Al Knows!

January 19, 2003
SUPER BOWL TICKET SCAMS and flying into a destination along with thousands of others.

January 5, 2003
Your luggage must remain unlocked while going through new securities procedures.
Are the Airlines responsible for lost articles? You might be surprised. Listen here! 

October 17, 2002
 Al talks about traveler rights and Overbooking of Airlines.

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