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His Excellency
Amr El Ezabi

Chairman of the Egyptian Tourism Authority

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with Sandy Dhuyvetter


Meet Ulrich Huth,
General Manager of the Marriott
in Cairo on the Nile River.
Born in Germany, his love
for Egypt brought he and
his family to Cairo.
This Marriott is the largest
hotel in the Middle East.
Join Sandy Sept 10, 2006 and
meet Ulrich on TravelTalkRADIO.

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Captain and Co-Captain and first mate
of our Cruise ship down the Nile.


Your guide is your lifeline to the culture and the experience of Egypt. Your travel agent or tour operator will be able to match
you with someone who will become like family during your
stay in Egypt. Thank you Tammir, for your guidance in Aswan
and Luxor.

Visit our special page
on Egypt,  and discover
 some of the world's most significant and ancient monuments and the great
Egyptian civilization




Egypt's invitation
A short 5 minute video produced by Sandy Dhuyvetter

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Produced by TravelTalkTV

was in Egypt
Oct 27, 2008 at the

annual meeting

During the American Tourism Society meeting in Cairo, His Excellencies, Mohamed Zoheir Garranah  Minister of Tourism of Egypt, Amr El Ezabi, the Chairman of the Egyptian Tourist Authority, and Dr.Zahi Hawass, the Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities share a light moment.

His Excellency, Mr. Amr El Ezabi joins Sandy to talk about the many treasures of Egypt and what it has to offer travelers from around the world. With almost 11 million visitors this past year, Egypt is welcoming and full of opportunities to experience antiquities, sightseeing, and relaxation. Come to Egypt and see for yourself. It will change your life as its rich heritage will add another dimension to your worldwide experience.

More information including His Excellency, Mr. Amr El Ezabis interview:

Dr. Zahi Hawass, His Excellency Sayed M. Khalifa, Consul - Director Egyptian Tourism Authority and Sandy Dhuyvetter, Executive Producer and Host of TravelTalkMEDIA Radio and TV in front of Egyptian float as it is being decorated for the Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade Jan 1, 2008. Directly after this photo was taken, Dr. Hawass, spent a few minutes with Sandy.

More information including Dr. Zahi Hawass's interview:

Now celebrating its 30th anniversary, the Wings Group was founded by CEO, Atef El Wassief. His son, Ahmed, started with the company at a very young age working on the cruise ships during summer vacations. Ahmed has grown up to become the dynamic and personable President of Wings Tours and Nile Cruises. Meet this dedicated executive and leader of one of the finest, full-service tour groups in all of Egypt. 

More information including Mr. Wassief's interview:

Sitting high up on the top deck of the newly remodeled cruise ship Tamr Henna, Sandy recently had a chance to catch up with Magdy Keryakos, the VP of Marketing for the Wings Group. Magdy has over 28 years service in the Wings family and, as they took in the sun, sights and sounds along the Nile River, he shared with Sandy some of the company history and luxury offerings of Wings. Meet this most extraordinary man and learn about one of the very best tour companies in all of Egypt. With hotels, resorts, cruise ships, custom motorcoaches and more, the Wings Group will show you the treasures of Egypt like no one else can! 

More information including Magdy's interview: 

Walid is a certified specialist in Egyptology and one of the most knowledgeable, interesting and passionate tour guides that the TravelTalkMEDIA team has experienced. We spent 12 days with Walid as he proudly showed us the fantastic monuments and archeological treasures of his beloved Egypt. Each day he gave us interesting, in-depth and detailed information about the history and culture of every region we visited throughout the country. During this interview, you will be drawn in by his knowledge and I guarantee you will fall in love with his persona and his voice. As Walid would say," Ladies and Gentlemen, please turn on your listening devices."

More information including Walid's interview:

Welcome to TravelTalkMEDIA's special report from Egypt
Oct 2008
We have had the good fortune of covering the ATS and its members  in Jordan, Hungary,
Czech Republic, Israel, Poland, Croatia, and now Egypt.
The association is opening the doors to transformational destinations
and offering travel agents and tour operators from the
USA a more in-depth look into these regions.


In Sept 2006 we wrote:
We are happy to present Egypt! Throughout these pages you will have the opportunity to hear over 4 hours of radio broadcasting all focused on connecting you to the experts in Egyptian tourism and we will continue our series on TravelTalkTV highlighting the best of Egypt. We traveled around the country for 10 days and were able to experience with our cameras areas that are not normally allowed to be photographed. In the next few weeks, you will have opportunities to see more and learn more about visiting this unparalleled country. You will also be able to connect into our newsletter distribution where we have more links, photos and connections to Egyptian Tourist Authority.
Buckle up and get ready to go. Where taking you to Egypt!

2007 and Before

Mr. Ahmed El-Khadem, former Chairman of the Egyptian Tourist
Authority, Sandy Dhuyvetter, Executive Producer and Host of TravelTalkRADIO and TV,
and Mr. Ayden Nour, new Director of Canadian Office for Egyptian Tourist Authority.





November 02, 2008
American Tourism Society meets in Egypt

Dec 29, 2007
Rose Parade Coverage 2008

September 15, 2006
Traveling in Egypt


Egypt invites you!
A short 5 minute video produced by Sandy Dhuyvetter located at the top of this page.

October 29, 2006
Egypt, the wondrous mysteries

September 16, 2006.
River Cruise on the Nile, Egypt

November 11, 2006. Peace4Tourism Summit, The Hague, Holland


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November 02, 2008
Broadcasting from Cairo, Egypt

Sandy speaks to the Director
of North and South American Office for
Egyptian Tourist Authority.

Sayed Khalafi
 in Los Angeles
Jun 17, 2007

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September 10, 2006
Live broadcast from Cairo, Egypt

September 17, 2006
Live broadcast on Egypt from our Studios in CA

The Egyptian Tourist Authority

Sandy speaks to Director
Director of
North and South
Office for
Egyptian Tourist

Sayed Khalafi
 in Los Angeles at the
KNB4 Travel Expo
August 31, 2008

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Chairman and CEO of Emeco Travel
joins Sandy Sept 17, 2006

"While in Egypt, I have never felt safer in any country and I do not travel with guards or any sort of extra security just because we are
 in the tourism industry. We are here as any normal visitors would be, experiencing the wonders of this ancient yet truly vivacious society.
I find that perhaps more than any country I have visited, Egypt and its people are truly happy to have guests in their land and the openness of their children toward visitors is an excellent example of this fact, they are mirrors of what they are taught at home and school.
Thank you, the people of Egypt for
the warm welcome". . . .
Safe travels,
Sandy Dhuyvetter
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Visit Sandy's blog and read her article on Egypt, click HERE


Listen to OMAYMA El HUSSEINI, Deputy Director of the Egyptian Tourist Authority on TravelTalkRADIO

Sandy's interview with
Former Chairman of the
Egyptian Tourist Authority


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September 16, 2006 - River Cruise
on the Nile, Egypt.

October 07, 2006 - The Raouf Hotels:
The Sun, The Moon and The Star located
 in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

October 28, 2006 - Cairo, the jewel
 of the Orient




TravelTalkRADIO and TV will be presenting more of Egypt in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned!

Listen to Sandy's interview
on the Michael Dresser Show
 and learn more about Egypt !


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