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N  E  W  S  L  E  T  T  E  R  
November 03,   2 0 0 6

N  E  W  S  L  E  T  T  E  R
October 26, 2006

N  E  W  S  L  E  T  T  E  R  
October 20,   2 0 0 6


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Saturday morning Nov 18, 2006 on KUSI
 Good Morning San Diego.
Between 8 and 9am Pacific Time

Sandy Dhuyvetter presents the Forever Resorts,
The 25th year celebration of a company that is thriving and successful.
Come meet one of the most socially and environmentally responsible
companies in the world.

Sandy and Rex Maughan enjoying a few minutes at the Forever Resorts Headquarters in Scottsdale Arizona.

Rex Maughan, Founder and Chairman of Forever Living and Forever
Resorts joins Sandy on TravelTalkRADIO this coming Sunday Nov 19, 2006.
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Gary Shreeve, Dir of Marketing, Bill Lewis, VP Operations, Harold Greene, Sr VP Sales, Cynthia Hampton, Sales Training Manager, Sandy Dhuyvetter, TravelTalkMEDIA, 
Elizabeth Kung Serre,
Asian Market Development Manager, Donna Levy, Sales Development Manager and
 Matt Rollins, Regional Sales Director.

Sandy with the Forever Living Team.

This week Sandy and Patrick joined the wonderful 25th celebration of the Forever Resorts at their headquarters in Scottsdale Arizona.

Forever Resorts brought in all of the general managers of their properties to the anniversary event as they celebrated the 25 years of building and managing resorts all over the world.


We were able met the founder and his gracious staff from around the world, and get a very close into this company, its operations and its resort properties.


This is a company who cares from the top down. Socially, environmentally and personally, values are practiced and shared with the world. Rex Maughan is a man of vision and a spirit that is driven with the idea that people need to have fun in natural environments.


Parked in the company parking lot for the event, the star attraction was their newest 70 foot custom built house boat equipped for 12 people including a slide, hot tub, roof top bar, flat screen TVs and multimedia systems throughout as well as a grilling area. This boat is manufactured exclusively by Forever Resorts - they even have their own boat building division!


With over 2 billion dollar in sales last year, this is a first-rate corporation with over 60 properties in the USA, Africa and throughout the world.


From the South Fork Ranch and Hotel in Dallas of international TV fame, to castles in Europe, over 50 marinas and ranches, and high rise buildings in Japan, Forever Resorts can definitely provide you with a vacation of a lifetime.


These are locations that include lodges in National Parks, luxury retreats in Africa, and marinas across the US, tours, boat rentals and lodging on their hi-tech and very comfortable houseboats. The houseboats sleep 6 to 12 people and are located on some of the most beautiful lakes around the country.



Talk about the best kept secret in Travel.


I had the opportunity to meet at length with the owner and founder of Forever Resorts, Rex Maughan, and visit with him about his company and his love for Robert Lewis Stevenson and the Samoa Islands.


He is an unpretentious man who is a member of the Forbes 400 - Learn more on TravelTalkkRADIO, where we will feature an interview with Rex Maughan and several of his key people from Forever Resorts including the president of the American Recreation Coalition who will talk about the importance of having fun in the outdoors.




This weekend,  don't miss our live show as Sandy welcomes: Forever Resorts, Celebrating 25 years and going strong!
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Last week
Tourism4Peace Forum
The Hague, NL.

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The American Tourism


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