T r a v e l s     t o     N o r f o l k,     V i r g i n i a
October 2002
LIVE remote broadcast on Travel Talk Radio
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It was a FIVE Star Program! Hope you enjoy it as 
much as we did producing it!
What a fantastic trip Patrick and I had discovering Norfolk, VA. 
Thank you to the Norfolk Conventions and Visitor's Bureau, staff and friends.

You have a wonderful city! 
And it is true -
Virginia is for Lovers - Lovers of everything about Life. 

email Norfolk CVB here

A special thanks to Sam Martinette, Norfolk's most reknown citizen. 
A native of Norfolk, Sam knows every inch of the city
and loves his town passionately. 

Special Guests
From left to right: Joe Judge, Curator Hampton Roads Naval Museum, 
Sam Martinette, Director of Public Relations, Norfolk Conventions & Visitors Bureau, 
Dave Morgan, Operations Manager  WTAR 850, 
Sandy Dhuyvetter, Host, Travel Talk Radio, 
Admiral Jack Kavanaugh, Executive Director Wisconsin Foundation

Dave and Sandy ready to go!
Thank you Dave Morgan WTAR, 
and our Susie Roth from KFMB (not pictured). 
This was our first LIVE remote and it went perfectly!

NOW!! Let's hit the streets!

Starting off on the trail! But first things first. . . a stop at the Do-nut Dinette

Elliotts for coffee!

An incredible tribute and museum dedicated 
to General MacArthur

The Chrysler Museum of Art. . . a must!

Becoming a state meant you got this beautiful septre from England.

Sandy, Rick Salzberg, PR Director for the Museumith and Liz (CVB) 

Patrick and Sandy in front of the Chrysler Museum

The Wine Festival on the banks of the Chesapeake Bay

The Wine Festival on the banks of the Chesapeake Bay

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